About Yarmouth Walking Tours

Yarmouth Walking Tours was born from a love of the Yarmouth area and a dream to pass on the stories of Yarmouth to its visitors.
Yarmouth has become a desired destination for many. With an international ferry service, world class lobster fishing industry and historic light station, the region's history is rich. Since 2016, Yarmouth Walking Tours has strived to showcase Yarmouth's fascinating history, folklore and seaside adventures in a captivating and informative way.
Historic downtown Yarmouth is a true destination - it has one of the oldest thriving historic downtowns in Nova Scotia dating back to 1761. We'll visit fishing wharves, historic buildings, hear tales of adventures at sea and much more.
If you're looking for a perfect introduction to Yarmouth, join us on one of our tours. We guarantee you will leave full of knowledge about Yarmouth, not to mention a great story to share!

Meet Our Founder

Candice Phibbs

Founder, Researcher & Guide

“Tell me a story,” may as well have been Candice’s first words given how much she loves getting caught up in great tales. Growing up she became an avid reader and eager learner. In 2007 she graduated from radio broadcasting and while it wouldn’t become her career, it helped shape her future as a speaker and storyteller.

In 2016, Candice took her research and love of the town of Yarmouth and officially launched Yarmouth Walking Tours. It’s her way to share the history, folklore and, of course, the stories with visitors. She is truly passionate about the Yarmouth area and everything it has to offer to locals and visitors alike.